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Themed Weekends

Live Music, Themed Weekends and More!

We are one of the most popular riverfront camping and marina destinations around, and we would be delighted to help you make this upcoming riverfront camping trip of yours an absolute blast! Whether you are looking for a cozy cottage to spend the weekend, or you are a group of people looking to have a great time and create some new and fun memories; Rivers Crossing Campground and Marina is here for everyone and anyone looking to go on a camping and riverfront adventure. With everything from live music to themed weekends, it’s a fun time every time!


Our staff and facilities are fully equipped with all the necessary tools to give you a comprehensive camping adventure, including great things like paddle boating, canoe rentals, hiking trails and so much more. We can comfortably accommodate you and your friends and/or family on a fantastic new journey, and we will make sure that this trip is one that you all will never forget. This is a one of a kind vacation experience that you will not want to pass up on.


You really can’t underestimate the absolute funtastic times that can be had on a riverfront camping trip, especially when you are doing it in a group, with a bunch of your closest friends and family! When there are live music and themed weekends events brewin, then you best believe you can count on Rivers Crossing Campground and Marina to have that party rockin’ into the sunset! Don’t leave your upcoming riverfront camping adventure to chance, just call Rivers Crossing Campground and Marina and let’s go have some fun!


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