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Cayuga Lake

Did Someone Say Paddle Boat in Cayuga Lake?

Rivers Crossing Campground and Marina fits the description of your dream Cayuga Lake camping destination exactly to the very last detail. We aren’t too far away from New York, the surrounding scenery here is absolutely stunning, and we are in fact pretty inexpensive. It looks like we are a match made in heaven, so what are you waiting for? Call us or come down here and find out exactly how much of a match made in heaven we really are. Be sure to bring your RV when you come check us out, though, you won’t want to leave once you get here and it would save you a trip and a bit of gas if you already had everything with you when you arrived.


Our marina is the perfect boat launch for your paddle boat excursion, and you will find it well-equipped to handle any and all of your paddle boat related needs.


We don’t just pride ourselves on our quality assistance, it is the entire package that we are well known for. For instance, our customer service standards are well above and beyond anything you would really expect for a campsite or marina, and that is one of the reasons we stand out so well amongst the competition. Our standards are simply much higher than the rest, and our staff adhere marvelously to those high standards with fantastic consistency. You won’t find another marina and campground as well equipped anywhere in the region (or the surrounding areas for that matter) that is as comprehensively fantastic as Rivers Crossing Campground and Marina.


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