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Talent Showcase Rules & Regulations


Each competitor must be prepared with (3) songs and/or performances. Additionally, each competitor must participate in the following activities:


  • 11:00am - Cast Meeting, Photo Shoot, Sound Rehearsal

  • 6:00pm - Cast Parade 

  • 7:00pm - Rivers Crossing Talent Showcase Cast Call

  • 7:30pm - Talent Showcase Competition Begins 

Registration Deadline:

Deadline for registration is May 17, 2022.


Audio Deadline:

Any audio tracks for your performance must be submitted to the electronically no later than Wednesday, May 19th. A drop box link will be provided to each contestant after registration has been completed. 

Talent Showcase Registration:

Each competitor must fill out both the Talent Showcase Registration and the Photography Consent & Release Form.

Talent Showcase Registration

Photography consent & release form

Thank you! Form completed.

Step One:

Step Two:

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