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RV Camping

RV Camping Made Fun and Easy

So you are currently living in New York, and you are trying to plan out a nice weekend getaway. You definitely want a place that is outdoors so the kids can get some fresh air, but it should also be sort of quiet and cozy because you don’t want them to be too crazy (good luck with that). You know what you haven’t used in quite a while? That family RV of yours that is just sitting in your driveway collecting dust. Why don’t you take that out for a spin with the family, and go find yourselves some nice RV camping spots for rent? Sound like a good idea? Great, we thought it sounded like a great idea too.


The question now becomes; where are you going to take that RV? If you ask us (and you did, theoretically) we think you should take it to Rivers Crossing Campground and Marina. At Rivers Crossing Campground and Marina, we offer a whole host of options for recreational vehicles and campgrounds of all shapes and sizes; perfect for a family looking for a nice quiet getaway to see some good old fashioned nature. We can go on and on about how amazing your vacation is going to be, but it is so much easier to just show you when you guys get here. Here you will find hiking trails, canoe rentals and even gift shops to help make your stay even more fun.


We are the premier destination for country RV camping in the New York area. If you are looking for great hiking trails and RV camping spots, then you have found it with Rivers Crossing Campground and Marina. Come down and get your canoe rentals for your canoeing adventure, or get the 411 on some great hiking trails, or just come down for some relaxing camping good times. Contact us today if you have any questions!


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